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Our story

About us

MTC-Healthpack is a leading company in its field that provides innovative drug delivery systems and quality primary packaging to the pharma and health sector.

Our Philosophy


We have a clear set of values which transform our philosophy into the everyday running of our company.

Elevating Excellence

Exceeding customer expectations in everything we do and holding ourselves accountable at every step.

Melding Tradition with Innovation for Unrivaled Service

Focus on building long-term relationships, both within our own team and with our clients. We strive to act as a partner and combine traditional values with innovative ideas to deliver unparalleled service.

Innovation Catalyst

Welcoming change and innovation and looking for new ways to grow our company and ourselves.

MTC is born

MTC was created in Athens, Greece. Its main activities were consulting and training in Pharmaceutical Marketing, Knowledge Management, Six Sigma, and Train the Trainers methods.

Germany , Netherlands, France , Middle East
Expanding Activities

Consulting and training services were expanded to Germany, France, Holland and to the Middle East.

Greek Market
Greek Market

MTC-Healthpack expanded by supplying quality primary packaging to the Greek Pharmaceutical market.


First successful introduction and sale in the Greek pharmaceutical production market of innovative drug delivery systems (multi-use preservative free ophthalmic and COP prefilled syringes).


Over the last 7 years, MTC Healthpack succeeded in having an average yearly growth of 22.5% and gaining a leading position in the pharmaceutical primary packaging sector in Greece.

Our Quality

Quality is our #1 priority . This is evident in the growing emphasis we place on activities designed to increase the quality of our products and services.

We Offer

High-quality products that fulfil EU and US specifications across our full product range.

We at MTC Healthpack

Recognize quality as a factor critical to our success.


 Our priority is to ensure quality, functionality, and safety in the products we provide.